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Krocodil Single Released Today!! 06/06/2013 Get a Cheeky Download Here 

It's from Bandcamp and features Shaun Sowray & Amy Leak enjoy!! 



 Thanks for all the support!!! 




I'm currently getting old! and since I'm not on album no.6 yet I'm working on three albums all at the same time all under the pseudonym Angry Nun so look out for that!! All I can tell you that; it is sounding good and I'm close to finishing the track-listing off for all of them. Check out my Sound Cloud or myspace page as I'm sure some of them tunes will make the album cut!

I'm also playing bass in a band called Curry Quiche so come and catch us at a show we're also writing some new killer tunes man. Peace.

- Ben x 

Also you can join the Angry Nun! Mailing list below get Connected!


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Musician - Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys & Vocals.

Producer - Head of Ten Dead Records.

Performer - Professional in 2012.

Promoter - Putting on various gigs around Sheffield.


Contact Me in order for me to record your band, play on your record as a session musician, play in your band as a live musician, do live sound for your band, promote your show or any other inquiries.


Masters in Music at Leeds Met University

PGCE in Music Teaching at Huddersfield Uni 

Degree in Music at Sheffield Hallam University

Btec in Music

Gcse Music

Played in bands for last ten years

Worked for various Recording Studios around Yorkshire


Marshall Rack Amps

Boss Pedals

EHX Pedals

Gretsch Guitars

Ibanez Guitars

Duessenberg Guitars

Fender Bass

Microkorg Xl

Tascam Audio Interface

Yamaha Mixing Desk

Shure Microphones



Ben Lee 2012.



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